Patient Review Videos For Spokane Dental

"I care about you, I come into the room with a smile on my face, ready to work and ready to do something for you. The focus is you!" Dr. Jonathan Smith

Here at Spokane Dental, we really do care about our amazing patients. Our top priority is to make you smile and to help you understand and feel comfortable with the dental procedures that you need performed. We hope that when you ask the questions, "What dentist is right for my family?", "Who is the best dentist in Spokane, WA?", and "Where can I go to get the most comprehensive dental care and service?" you think of Spokane Dental!

What are our Patients saying about us?

Here is a small sampling of what our patients think of the service that they received when they visited us in our Spokane, WA location.

Dental Procedure Videos

These videos will help you more fully understand some of the dental procedures that we specialize in here at Spokane Dental. Our goal is for you to feel 100% at-ease when you come in for your dental visit and these videos should help you get closer to that point. Please give us a call if you have any questions, our friendly staff and Dr. Smith are always available when you need us. Also, if you don't see a dental video for the procedure your are interested in please let us know.