Teeth CleaningLast month we talked about proper flossing. This month, we are learning what to use if floss doesn’t work for you because of gaps in between your teeth, bridges, implants, or places food always seems to get trapped in.

If you have a bridge:

I have good news, there IS a way to clean underneath your bridge or partial. The tool for you is called “superfloss”. Essentially it is floss, with a stiff pointed end to thread under your bridge. Superfloss also has a thicker, almost fuzzy part that grabs the bacteria living under your bridge, leading to better gum health and better breath. Superfloss is also an excellent tool for patients with implants and is used by wrapping the fuzzy part of the superfloss around the teeth and pulling back and forth until the whole implant area below the crown is cleaned. Ask your hygienist for a demonstration and sample!

If you have gaps in between your teeth, or food catching spots:

There are several options for those areas that always seem to have food stuck in them or the spaces where your teeth don’t fit together perfectly. The first are dental toothpicks. These don’t have as sharp of an end as a regular toothpick, so there is less risk of damaging your gums. They also don’t splinter as easy, and you can get ones that taste minty. Perfect for those pesky food traps!

Another option for you is a “proxabrush”. These are small, reusable brushes that fit between teeth that have larger embrasures, or spaces in between. You simply insert the proxabrush at a 90-degree angle to the teeth, catch all that plaque, and rinse the brush and do it more!