Why Dental Implants? LargeA missing tooth can trigger a series of problems starting from an unsightly smile, inefficient chewing to problems like movement of teeth to the space created by the missing tooth. Hence, tooth replacement is mandatory to restore both esthetic appeal and function. Dental implants have proved to be one of the most ideal methods of tooth replacement.

When are dental implants needed?

They can be used to replace a single missing tooth or few missing teeth. In such a case, the implant is placed within the jawbone and an artificial crown is placed on top of it. Dental implants can be used to replace all the missing teeth. This is done with the help of just four or six implants that are placed on a jaw (upper or lower) and then a denture is fabricated and placed on these implants. Dr. Hastings from Times Square Dental adds, "Many people learn the hard way that dentures aren’t like natural teeth – but they could be with a little help. Dental implants make dentures, bridges, or crowns look, feel, and function like real teeth."

Benefits of dental implants

The structure of dental implants contributes to the benefits of dental implants primarily. A dental implant mimics a natural tooth in the closest way possible. Just like a natural tooth that consists of a root and a crown, a dental implant consists of a root part that is inserted within the bone and a crown part that anchors an artificial tooth. Apart from that, dental implants are made of titanium that is extremely biocompatible (does not react with our body). Here are few valuable benefits of dental implants:

Dental implants look natural, feel natural.

  • Natural looking- One of the main objectives of tooth replacement is to look just like how you were before the loss of your teeth. With the help of dental implants, it becomes practically impossible to differentiate between your real and artificial teeth. This is because the artificial crown, which is placed on top of the implant, gives the look of the tooth growing out from gums.
  • Chew just like natural teeth- Dental implants function just like a natural tooth. When you bite on your implant-supported crown, you can feel the comfort similar to the one you experience while chewing with your natural teeth.
  • Holds your jaw bone- In the absence of teeth, the jawbone start to wear away slowly. Dental implants hold the bone that surrounds them as they are permanently fused to the jawbone once the procedure of insertion is over. Osseointegration (means fusion with the bone) is the key to the success of dental implants.
  • Extremely durable- Dental implants are truly called the permanent solution for tooth replacement. Once placed they serve you for a lifetime. This means that your investment in dental implants is worth every penny you spend.
  • Improves one’s self esteem- Loss of teeth brings loss of self-respect in most individuals. This happens more if the missing teeth are your front teeth. You become reluctant or conscious while smiling and shy off from even smiling in front of the mirror. Dental implants have increased the self-esteem of those who have got them. This happens automatically when you know that you are looking good.

Can I have dental implants?

Complete evaluation of the case is imperative to derive the best treatment solution. Our team believes in offering state of art client satisfaction and comfort. Hence, Dr. Jonathan Smith, the dental expert at Spokane Dental, carries out an extensive oral examination during your first visit.

  • During the check-up Dr. Smith evaluates the overall health of the client, the health status of the gums and the density of the jawbone.
  • With some bone wasting diseases like osteoporosis, implants are not considered as a successful tooth replacement solution.
  • The jawbone density is evaluated to ensure if it is sufficient to anchor the dental implants within or requires the placement of additional bone grafts.

After any dental treatment is done, one needs to stick to the directions of maintenance provided by the dentist. Once the dentist is done with his job on your teeth, your responsibility to maintain your teeth through good oral hygiene begins.

If you have lost your teeth to an accident or tooth decay, book your appointment with Dr. Jonathan Smith at Spokane Dental. We will be glad to assist you and answer any other queries related to dental implants.