Woman enjoying stress free Dental visit.At Spokane Dental we know that visiting the dentist can be a stressful experience for some. We work hard to give our patients a positive experience and a stress free dental visit! Our team is compassionate and professional, and our office is welcoming from the moment you enter the door. In this post we will cover 5 ways to make your dental visits stress free!

1. Tell your Dentist

Tell dentist and his dental team if you are nervous, or what concerns you may have. We will work with you to make you as comfortable and informed as possible. Talk to your dental professional about how to make your visit the best experience possible.

2. Prepare for your Appointment

One of the biggest concerns people have is pain. There are several ways to help or completely prevent tooth and gum sensitivity before your visit. Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day will remove the bacteria that causes inflamed, sore, and bleeding gums. If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, try using toothpaste formulated specially for dentinal sensitivity every day for several weeks before your visit.

3. Music or Visualization

Some patients benefit from listening to music or visualization during their dental visit. Make a plan with our team to try what you think will work best for you creating a stress-free environment!

4. Ask Questions

We want you to understand your treatment plan and how we are helping you. If you have any questions or want something explained a different way, let us know.

5. Consider Numbing

We can numb the areas we are working on, which is standard procedure for restorative and a case-by-case basis for dental hygiene therapy. Dr. Smith or your hygienist can provide injectable anesthetic, a local anesthetic mouth rinse, or a paste that lessens tooth sensitivity during a dental cleaning. Our office also has an oral sedation option to help you feel more comforable.

The most important thing for you to do is communicate with your dentist about your concerns! At Spokane Dental we want you to have the best dental visit possible. We will work with you to help you feel comfortable. Help us, help you to make sure you keep your dazzling smile!