Spokane DentistA healthy smile is about so much more than white teeth! Your gums, the bone surrounding your teeth, salivary glands, and the soft tissue in your mouth are all important components to a healthy smile. They are also all well taken care of and examined by Dr. Smith and your Spokane Dental team! Here are five tips to follow for a healthier smile:

1. Visit the Dentist Before You are in Pain

Often we see patients wait to come in to the dentist until they are in pain, and the patient dreads going because they know they will have to get restorative work done. At Spokane Dental, our goal is always to help our patients have optimal oral health, and most of what we do is preventive1! We take x-rays, perform routine dental cleanings and oral cancer screenings, and give patients exams all to prevent problems from happening.

Seeing the dentist on a routine basis will prevent big oral health problems from happening. If a cavity is found, it can be addressed early instead of waiting until a crown is necessary or there is an abscess. Preventive maintenance saves time, money, and health!

2. Clean Your Whole Mouth

We see most cavities start between the teeth, and gum disease is underneath the gums. A quick tooth brush daily will not reach enough surfaces to remove bacteria in these problem spots for optimal health. Flossing between the teeth removes plaque and tartar in the most problematic area. There is also a multitude of bacteria in the rest of your mouth. Incorporating an antiseptic mouth rinse into your daily routine can lower bacterial load in the mouth, although plaque and stain can only be removed manually with a toothbrush or floss.

3. Stick to a Routine

Forming a habit of brushing twice a day with the correct method and flossing once a day will drastically prevent future oral problems. Routinely moving the bacteria that build up in your mouth through regular brushing and flossing is the best way to combat bacteria that cause gum disease, bad breath, and cavities.

4. Drink Water

Instead of drinking sugary or acidic drinks, up your water intake. Not only will your overall health improve, but your teeth will thank you! Water helps rinse the mouth, improving bad breath and cleansing food that sticks to teeth and feeds the bad bacteria. When increasing water intake, you will also notice less stain on your teeth from coffee, wine, or soda.

5. Address Your Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is the top risk factor for cavities. Your saliva naturally washes your teeth and help combat bacterial colonies that grow on them. If you think you may have dry mouth, tell Dr. Smith and your hygienist and we can make a custom treatment plan for you. Not only is dry mouth uncomfortable, but it is dangerous to the health of your teeth as well. But it can be helped! Your Spokane Dental team can recommend products and habits to combat dry mouth.

We are always accepting new patients, and love serving our existing patients as they pursue oral health. To make an appointment2 today call (509)822-5614.


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