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Do you want to improve your smile? If so, then it may be time for you to consider oral surgery at Spokane Dental. Oral surgery can help fix teeth that are crooked or misaligned. It can also remove painful wisdom teeth and even deal with the removal of impacted teeth!

The benefits of oral surgery are great, which is why many people turn to this solution when they need help with their dental health. Oral surgery is often used to help people correct their smile and many patients find that they get a lot of benefits from the surgery.

Read on below for more information about 7 reasons why you may need oral surgery!

1. You have an infection

Tooth infections are very painful, and they can also cause problems with eating. If you have an infection in one of your teeth, then you must see a dentist right away! You may need to take antibiotics for this issue or even get oral surgery to remove the tooth entirely.  This is because many tooth infections cannot resolve on their own even with antibiotics. If the infection is not removed, it can spread to other parts of your mouth and even cause serious health problems.  Oral surgery can remove the infected tooth and help you to recover as soon as possible. In some instances, a tooth infection can cause you to lose your tooth.

2. Have a cyst or tumor

There are some other reasons that you might need oral surgery, such as if your dentist discovers that there is a cyst or tumor in one of your teeth. Some tumors can be benign while others may be cancerous.  Either way, it is essential for the health and safety of the patient that they get treatment right away. If this problem isn't dealt with immediately then it could spread even more through the bone and cause serious issues later on!  The sooner you see Spokane Dental about this issue, the better off you will be down the road. This is why most people who have discovered these problems schedule an appointment with their oral surgeon within 24 hours to ensure they get the treatment they need.

3. Your tooth is broken or chipped

If you have a tooth that is damaged or decaying, then it may be time to consider oral surgery. Luckily, chipped teeth are not always a reason for oral surgery! In most cases, a dentist can repair the tooth with bonding or another technique.  In some situations, however, it may be time to go under the knife and have oral surgery. Also known as extractions, this type of dental work is done when there is nothing more than your dentist can do to save a tooth.  Many people opt for veneers that can transform your smile and cover up the damage to a chipped tooth.

4. You have a gum disease

If you have gum disease, your dentist may suggest that you have oral surgery to correct the damage that your gums have suffered. The sooner you get treatment for this problem, the better.  If left untreated, gum disease can become much worse and will cause serious health problems down the line - such as heart issues or even diabetes! If you think that any of these reasons apply to you, then it is time to discuss oral surgery with a dentist in your area!  Make sure that when you see us at Spokane Dental, they know about all of your symptoms so they can give an accurate diagnosis. Once they do give their prognosis on whether or not such surgery is needed for your case, be sure to follow through with getting it done right away if necessary.

5. Your tooth has fractured

Fractured teeth are a very common reason why people need oral surgery. As you may already know, teeth are made up of three layers - the outer enamel layer, the inner dentin layer, and finally the pulp within which blood vessels and nerves reside.  Fractured teeth can happen for several reasons including issues with your diet or even just by accident! Regardless of how it happened though if you have one fractured tooth then there is an increased chance that other ones will get damaged too.  Because of this, you must pay a visit to Spokane Dental as soon as possible so they can assess your tooth and determine if it needs any type of treatment.

6. You lost your teeth due to injury, illness, or accident

In the case of tooth loss, oral surgery may be necessary to help restore your smile. Some of the most common reasons for tooth loss include injury, illness, or accident. If you lose a tooth due to an accident then this is usually because it has been knocked out in some way which means that they should be able to surgically implant them back into place.  The other types of surgery can also involve replacement teeth but these are more typically used when one side (or multiple) have completely rotted away and need something longer term such as implants placed inside their mouth instead.  Although there may still be instances where those people who already lost all their front teeth might find themselves needing implants or even, in some cases, a dental bridge. This type of surgery is a more permanent solution to the problem.

7. You are having problems with your wisdom teeth

Wisdom tooth extraction is one of the most common surgeries performed. Although some people may only need their wisdom teeth removed, others will require more than just that to deal with whatever ailments they are experiencing as a result of these impacted molars.  If you have experienced pain, swelling, or problems opening your mouth normally due to this issue then it's time for an extraction immediately; if not, however (people who don't experience any discomfort).  You still might want to consider getting them out since there could be future issues down the line and at least by removing them now you can prevent anything from happening shortly by having them taken care of right away before it becomes too late!


To keep your teeth healthy, it's important to visit Spokane Dental at least once per year. At Spokane Dental we want you smiling and confident with the look of dental health on display for all those around you!  If there are any issues plaguing or impacting this area then oral surgery may be an option worth considering as many benefits exist when going down that road.  This is why people turn towards our solution first before considering anything else. Don't hesitate to call 509-466--2373 today or visit our website Spokane Dental anytime!