Pediatric DentistAs a parent of a teething child it can be daunting to decipher if what your child is experiencing is “normal” or not. Most children have 20 total “baby” teeth that usually begin erupting at around six months of age and finish by the time they turn three. However, there are always outliers or symptoms to wonder about (especially as a new parent). Here are some things to consider about your child’s teeth eruption:

Teething Can Be Uncomfortable

For your infant, teething can be uncomfortable. Normal symptoms can include low grade fever, runny nose, an increase in drooling, and being more fussy than usual. You can always speak with your pediatrician or Dr. Smith to ensure that the symptoms your child is experiencing are related to teething or something that should be seen by the doctor.

There are Tricks to Help

A cold, clean washcloth or teething ring can ease discomfort in a teething baby. Now, they make teethers with a mesh end that ice cubes or frozen fruit can be put in and chewed on with sore gums. Rubbing the gums with a clean finger can also help alleviate some of the discomfort. There are also over the counter remedy options that your pediatrician can help you navigate for your child.

Even Baby Teeth Need to be Cared For

It is recommended to take your child in for their first dental visit six months after their first tooth erupts, and no later than their first birthday. At Spokane Dental, we love seeing our kiddos! Those first appointments revolve mostly around getting your child comfortable at our office and making sure there are no oral problems. Tooth Decay can begin as early as the first tooth, but there are so many ways to keep your child’s teeth healthy. Some of the biggest tips are never giving children juice in a bottle, helping your child brush twice a day, and using a clean wet washcloth to rinse gums and baby teeth when your infant is small. We love to help our parents make the best choices and have all the tools they need for a healthy start to life.

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