Child At Dentist

Here are some of the main benefits of seeking pediatric dental care for your child:

A Safe, Welcoming Environment

Everything about pediatric dentistry is designed to make the experience of visiting the dentist positive and calming for your child. Environment plays a big part in how a child can feel about a space or an experience, which is why Spokane Dental delivers a welcoming and safe environment for children from the minute they walk in the door.

Child Focused Care

The pediatric dental team at Spokane Dental is very experienced at working with children and understand the care and patience required with our younger patients. We make sure your child understands what is happening and take extra care to explain what they might expect to hear or feel during a given procedure, which helps them feel more at ease. Our staff is specially trained to recognize the warning signs that a child is becoming overwhelmed by a procedure or the whole experience and are skilled at helping to soothe your child and finish the procedures.

Help Your Child Develop Good Habits

Going to the dentist from a young age can help your child learn crucial dental hygiene habits that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Not only can we successfully instruct your child— or guide you through the process— on how to use a toothbrush and floss, but we can help explain how certain foods can impact dental health and how good oral hygiene is very important.

Normalize Going To The Dentist

It’s not uncommon for parents to wonder if going to the dentist is necessary for their child’s first teeth, but all of the experts agree that it is crucial. Not only does visiting the dentist after their first teeth come in make visiting the dentist feel normal for them, but it can help avoid unnecessary trauma, fear, and avoidance later.

Imagine for a second that your child has never been to the dentist but suddenly has a dental emergency and needs to come in. This emergency could be a tooth that was knocked out or broken, a cavity, a tooth ache, or a number of other issues. If your child has never visited the dentist before it will be even scarier for them to have to receive care for their dental emergency. Not only will they be uncomfortable or in pain from the emergency itself, but they will also feel very scared during care because they will not know that they are in a safe place. Therefore, it’s far more ideal if your child’s first exposure to the dentist is for a routine teeth cleaning or dental exam.

Specialists in Primary Teeth Care

Pediatric dentists are also specialists in caring for your child’s first teeth. At Spokane Dental we will be able to identify any issues with your child’s primary teeth and prevent these issues from causing further damage. Pediatric dentists differ from traditional dentists because they are trained to care for primary teeth, which are compositionally different than adult teeth. Our treatment is often far more effective for primary teeth than a traditional dentist’s approach would be.

Prevent and Treat Issues

Our team at Spokane Dental is highly skilled and experienced and will be able to identify any issues in your child’s teeth. For example, we can identify early signs of teeth grinding and recommend an appropriate treatment plan for such an occurrence. Teeth grinding can have long-term impacts on tooth and mouth health and orofacial pain.

We can also identify and treat weak enamel and early signs of tooth decay, as well as fully-developed cavities. Given that pediatric teeth are typically thinner than adult teeth, it is highly likely that your child will develop a cavity or other dental issue at some point in their childhood. We can safely and easily repair damaged teeth and enamel in a way that is easy and comfortable for your child.

Emergency Procedures

Let’s face it: children are accidents waiting to happen! Whether they like to play rough or simply find themselves tripping every now and then, dental emergencies are common occurrences in children— far more common than in adults, even.

Children regularly chip teeth or have teeth knocked out, both of which require an evaluation and professional care. Our pediatric dentistry team will be able to assess the situation and recommend the right course of action for your child. In some cases, not treating such issues can lead to damage of the child’s permanent teeth, which is why it is essential to seek prompt care in emergency scenarios. If your child’s situation is severe, they may require surgery, at which point we will be able to recommend a trusted pediatric oral surgeon for further treatment.

Provide Guidance and Expertise for Parents

In addition to the excellent care we can provide for your children and their teeth, we can also offer great training and education for parents as well. There’s a lot of information— and misinformation— out there when it comes to child tooth care, and we can help give you the right recommendations for your situation. We have a lot of helpful hints that can assist with even the most difficult or resistant children who are oral hygiene averse. Together, the team at Spokane Dental can work with you to make sure your child has a healthy and beautiful smile for life.