Professional Teeth WhiteningDo you want whiter teeth? Of course, you do! It’s a great feeling to be able to smile freely in public, knowing your teeth look great. Unfortunately, not everyone has such a high level of confidence in the way their teeth look on a day to day basis. If you feel like whitening your teeth could improve your level of self-confidence, Spokane Dental would be happy to help.

As you may know, there are plenty of options available on the market today for at-home teeth whitening. While those methods may work with varying degrees of success, don’t overlook the value of going with professional teeth whitening. Putting a professional on your side for this process is going to give you a big advantage over the at-home methods. In this post, we are going to touch on a few of the benefits of opting for professional teeth whitening. Let’s get started!

Save Time

That’s right – you can actually save time by opting for a professional teeth whitening treatment rather than trying to do it yourself. That might be a bit surprising since the alternative to visiting the dentist’s office is just staying at home and doing the whitening on your own time. The key here is to understand the differences in the process between at-home and professional options. The whitening products used by your dentist are almost certain to be far more powerful than what you can buy over the counter for your own use. That means less treatment time will be required to meet your whitening goals. Sure, you might be able to stay home with the DIY method, but you’ll have to do a lot more actual whitening work to arrive at the same place. If you are looking for an efficient option, going for the professional treatment is the winner.

A Trained Eye

By working with your dentist, you will have the advantage of a trained eye working on your teeth, providing input and direction for the whitening process. Obviously, this is not something you would have if you decided to do it on your own. You are likely going to be picking out a one-size-fits-all solution when buying something at the store, so you won’t necessarily know if that solution is truly right for your needs. Working with your dentist, on the other hand, is a great way to come away with a plan and treatment that can help you reach your goals quickly and easily.

Made to Last

Even if you do manage to get your teeth to a shade that you are comfortable with when going through an at-home whitening process, that shade might not last as long as you would like. Again here, we see an advantage to using a professional treatment. The results are likely to last longer when you go in this direction, so you won’t have to worry about whitening again anytime soon.

Explain Your Desires

Do you want teeth which are dramatically whiter than they are currently, or would you simply like them brightened up by a couple shades? When you work with a dentist, you can clearly explain your goals before the process starts. Some patients do want a bright white smile, while others want something subtler. There is no right or wrong here, of course, but you should be able to come away with exactly what you had in mind. Don’t risk getting it wrong by doing it yourself when you can enlist the help of a professional to get it done right the first time.

Keep Safety in Mind

While there might not be a significant risk at play when using an at-home teeth whitening kit, you are still performing work to your own mouth without any experience or education. By having a dentist do the work, you have the benefit of knowledge on your side. Your dentist will know how to care for your teeth in a safe manner. When it comes to something as important as oral health, you can never be too careful.

Follow-up Instructions

Yet another benefit of working with a dentist on this treatment is the opportunity to ask questions and receive instructions for how to care for your teeth moving forward. While your teeth should look nice and white when you leave the office, the goal is to keep them that way for as long as possible. What can you do to make that happen? Ask your dentist for specific care instructions so you can make sure you are doing everything you need to do in order to maintain a beautiful smile for years to come.

Take It Off Your Plate

You have enough to keep up with in your busy day-to-day life, there is no reason to add a whitening procedure to your to-do list. If you decided to handle your teeth whitening on a DIY-basis, you would have to make time for it in your schedule and remember to hit all of your treatments. There is no such burden when you opt for professional whitening at Spokane Dental. You make an appointment, come in for your treatment, and go about the rest of your day. It’s easier that way, and you don’t have to add yet another thing to the long list of items you try to check off consistently. With less work on your plate and better results in the end, it’s pretty easy to see why opting for professional teeth whitening is the right way to go.

Thank you for visiting our blog, and we hope this discussion on professional teeth whitening has helped to clarify your thoughts on this topic. The at-home options may be tempting thanks to their convenience and affordable price, but you may come away disappointed with the results in the end. On the other hand, if you turn this task over to the professionals at Spokane Dental, you are far more likely to be pleased with the outcome. Thanks again for stopping by, and we look forward to serving you soon.