Mom's Guide to Family Oral Health - LargeWe all know that of all the precious commodities, time is the most precious and limited of all! This fact is compounded when considered by a busy mom who is trying to take care of her little family. This guide was created to help simplify an important part of your family’s health, their Oral Health.

4 Steps to Creating and Maintaining Good Oral Health for Your Family

  1. Find a dentist for your whole family. Dr. Smith sees people of all ages in the Spokane WA area! When everyone in the family goes to the same dentist it makes it easier for you to schedule. Plus, your child will have a lifetime of records and oral history with us, a benefit in receiving the best care possible.
  2. Get on a dental schedule that works for you. Work with Dawn or Debbie, our front office staff to get on a dental cleaning schedule that works for your whole family; planning in advance around busy school and work schedules will make your life easier!
  3. Make an oral care routine a priority at home. For younger kids, chore charts or incentives may help ensure your kids are brushing their teeth twice a day. There are apps you can download on a phone or tablet that are 2 minute timers for brushing (some toothbrushes even have timers!). If it becomes part of the whole families’ morning and nightly routine to brush and floss, it will create a lifetime habit.
  4. Practice Preventive Oral Care. “Preventive” in the dental field means treatment or habits to prevent oral disease. Dr. Smith and the whole Spokane Dental Team use preventive care at every visit to help patients maintain health and prevent cavities and gum disease in the first place. There are also ways at home to prevent oral disease:
    • Limit juice and sugary snacks and drinks.
    • Don’t let your kids snack all day; eating it in one sitting is better for their teeth.
    • Never give your children juice in a bottle.
    • Choose snacks like cheese and vegetables or fresh fruit: fruit snacks and gold-fish type crackers stay on the teeth for a long time and feed cavity causing bacteria.
    • Have your kids wear mouth guards for contact sports. Dr. Smith can make a custom mouth guard for your athlete, so you never have to worry about their teeth.

Moms, thank you for all you do! Your Spokane Dental Team wants to work alongside you in maintaining the best possible health for you and your family, and make your life a little easier!