Dentures were once thought of as dental mastery that was only saved for elderly patients who needed full sets of teeth removed. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, nowadays there are many patients, young and old, who get dentures. Times have changed and dentures come in a variety of styles, sizes, and specific models.

Although dentures have changed a lot, the basic premise of them has not: they will transform your smile for the better. Dentures will give you natural-looking teeth and a smile that will be happy, straight, and beautiful. When you need to feel comfortable and happy with the way you look, there are few better options than dentures. You don’t have to settle for a smile that doesn’t feel great to you.

What types of dentures are available to you? How do they work? And how do they make you look better than ever? The world of dentures has never been so exciting. Let the experts at Spoken Dental teach you everything you need to know about dentures. And when the time is right, you can contact us at any time to take the next steps and start your journey to a bright, healthy smile.

Types of Dentures

Dentures can replace missing teeth and restore your smile if you have lost your natural teeth. You will be able to drink, speak, eat and smile freely once more. Three factors are frequently overlooked when natural teeth are present. Dentures come in a variety of styles. Complete dentures are the replacements for all-natural teeth. Meanwhile, partial dentures are used when a few natural teeth remain. As you can imagine, partial dentures are used to replace a few lost teeth.

This variety allows patients multiple options when they are researching dentures and both of them can lead to a bright, shiny, healthy smile. Partial dentures are a solution for individuals who are missing a group of teeth. How do they work? Typically, partial dentures are attached to the remaining teeth by fitting over them and replacing missing teeth. It's a viable option that blends in with your natural teeth and gums for a seamless look. Best of all, installation and maintenance is fast and painless.

Another benefit of partial dentures is that you don't need to wear them all of the time. Yes, you may remove your partial denture at the end of each day and soak everything overnight in a cleaning solution so they're ready for you in the morning. Partially removable dentures require extremely minimal upkeep.

When you look at full dentures in-depth, you'll see that they're a little more involved. They function similarly to partial dentures, with the exception that they are custom-made for a whole set of teeth rather than a partial set.

Full dentures completely replace the top and/or lower teeth, giving you a full grin even if you don't have any teeth. Full dentures require the same level of care as partial dentures. However, they often are not able to be withdrawn from your mouth at night. Like partial dentures, any patient should treat them like real teeth and keep them clean.

How Dentures Change Your Smile

Obviously, when you get dentures, you also get a smile that looks a lot like the one you used to have before disease and damage altered your teeth. Your dentures, whether partial or complete, will look just like the real thing and you will almost immediately have the confidence to laugh and talk and eat with others. But there are other things that dentures will do. They don’t just help you feel better with your looks, they benefit your life in many ways.

Eat Easier

When you get dentures, you will be able to bite and chew food much, much easier. You might not realize just how hard it is easy to do something as common as eating when your teeth and smile are impaired. But the truth is that something as necessary as eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be next to impossible with a smile that is damaged and worn out.

With dentures, you will soon be eating practically anything you want again. From steak to chicken to all sorts of vegetables and snacks, dentures will let you enjoy all of your favorites. And there will be no pain! Eating will be enjoyable once again.

Speak Better

With new dentures, you will look better and you will sound better too. A marred mouth doesn’t allow you to speak freely and easily and clearly. That’s for a variety of reasons, including pain in your mouth and the literal inability to open your mouth like you should when communicating. But with dentures, those issues will be a thing of the past. Dentures will give you strength and clarity in your speech and you will be sounding better than you have in years.

Protect Other Teeth

When you receive partial dentures, you will be replacing the teeth that have been lost but you will also be doing a major favor to the ones that remain. Dentures can help keep your other teeth healthy and in good shape. They will prevent disease and further damage and will ensure that the teeth not replaced by your partial dentures will stay shining and bright for years to come. In this way, dentures are a preventative measure that can go a long way to keeping you looking and feeling great.

Partial dentures also make it much easier to clean your teeth which goes a long way to preventing further damage and disease. With partial dentures, you will have better access to your entire mouth, and brushing, flossing, and general maintenance will be so much easier. That’s why people with dentures experience fewer oral health problems after they have been installed!


Whether you are getting full or partial dentures, your smile is about to transform in the most lovely, natural, and beautiful ways. Upon receiving your dentures, you will feel like your old self again and will be laughing, talking, and enjoying yourself again. At Spokane Dental, we understand just how important dentures are and how they can change your smile - and change your life. You can rely on us to take great care of you and walk you through the entire denture process, every step of the way. You are in the safest, kindest hands with us.