Dental ImplantsIf you have lost a tooth or multiple teeth, you already know that there are several options available to you. Dentures are a possibility, as are bridges. However, for many people, the ideal solution is a dental implant. While this is going to be a more involved process than something like a denture or a bridge, an implant will give you the opportunity to have a natural-looking replacement for the tooth that has been lost.

While there is a lot to like about traditional dental implants, one of the long-standing drawbacks of the process is the time involved. After the implant is placed, there is often an extended period of time involved before all of the work can be completed. Obviously, this is not necessarily ideal, as you may wish to have quicker results for one reason or another. This is where immediate load implants come into the picture. As the name would indicate, immediate load dental implants can be used right away, thus giving you the instant gratification you may desire.

Of course, as is the case with any kind of dental work, there are pros and cons to consider when it comes to immediate load implants. Let’s take a look at some of the various points to keep in mind with regard to this type of procedure.

Pro – Instant Results Of Immediate Loading Implants

Quite obviously, this is the main selling point of the immediate load implant. Rather than having to wait a rather long period of time before your implants are completed, the immediate load option will allow you to move on with your life by putting this dental work in the past as soon as possible. You’ll be able to take pride in the new look of your smile, and your confidence will likely receive a boost as a result.

People living in the modern world are used to being able to receive immediate gratification on many things, so going with the immediate load option fits right in with the rest of what you enjoy on a day to day basis. If the prospect of waiting a period of several months before the final result of your dental implants will be seen doesn’t sound good to you, asking about immediate load implants is a good step.

Con – Immediate Loading Implants Not Always Suitable

One of the big hurdles with regard to this immediate loading dental implant option is the fact that not all patients are going to be good candidates. While we would love to be able to give all of our patients the immediate results they would like to see, that just isn’t possible. Your overall oral health and making the best decisions for your dental care are always the focus, even if that means having to wait a little bit longer for the process to be finished.

We would never want to rush one of our patients through anything we didn’t believe was the right option for their situation. By having an open conversation with your dentist about immediate load implants and whether or not they make sense for you, it will be possible to come to a smart decision in the end.

Pro – Potential Option for Those Missing All Teeth

If you are missing all of your teeth, there is a chance that immediate load dental implants will make for a good choice. This would be good news, of course, because you wouldn’t have to wait so long to have all of those teeth replaced, and you’d be able to move on with your life right away. Should you be in the position of needing to have all of your teeth replaced, contact Spokane Dental right away to discuss your options and make an appointment.

It does need to be stated that immediate load dental implants are not going to be suitable for all patients in this position. Factors such as your bite, the shape of your gums, and your bone density are all going to come into play here. Again, we can’t stress enough how important it is to work closely with your dentist in a situation like this to come up with a treatment plan. All cases are unique, and it would be a mistake to attempt to treat all patients in the same manner.

Con – Potential for Failure

When you have dental implants placed in your mouth, the success of the implant comes down to the way it fuses to the bone. If the implant does not fuse correctly, the procedure will not be successful in the long run. One of the main risks associated with immediate loading is the potential to damage the process of fusion. If the tooth is used before it is really ready to work, there is the possibility that the implant will be a failure and you will be back at square one.

It is for this reason that you will want to think carefully before proceeding with immediate load implants. You’ll probably want to err on the side of caution here just to give your implant the best possible chance of success. Of course, the decision will not necessarily be in your hands. Your Spokane dentist is going to need to decide whether or not it is a good idea to take the immediate load path, based on a number of factors.

So, are immediate load implants right for you? It’s impossible to know. There is a chance that this option could be a good choice for your situation, but we can’t say that for certain until treating you in person and assessing the current status of your oral health. It is worth keeping immediate loading implants in mind as a possibility, but don’t count on being able to take this path. It will work out for some patients, but others will need to stick with the traditional method. Thank you for taking the time to visit Spokane Dental. If you are considering dental implants and would like to know more about your options, please feel free to contact us right away. We look forward to serving you!