Pediatric DentistAs a busy mom and dental hygienist, I understand the healthy snack battle we all have with our kids. As summer approaches and our kids are home, it can become an even bigger battle to keep them eating healthy snacks at appropriate times. This summer you can win the battle and keep your kiddos’ smiles healthy with some of this mommy hygienist’s go-to tips! Here are some ideas to make sure your child’s next Spokane Dental appointment is a cavity free one:

Don’t graze.

The frequency of eating matters for our teeth almost as much as the substance. For the health of our teeth, it is better to sit down and eat a snack than graze all day. Not only is more saliva (which naturally protects and washes your teeth) released for a full meal than an extended snacking time, but there is less of a bacterial “problem” without snacking frequently.

The plaque on our teeth is actually a sophisticated bacterial colony that consumes the sugars that make up bread, pasta, cookies, candy, juice, and soda. The by product of that consumption in an acidic attack on your enamel, which is what creates cavities. If our kids are snacking all day, their teeth are under constant attack from the by products of that bacterial colony enjoying the snacks along with them.

Drink Lots of Water.

Water is not only great for our bodies whole-health wise, but it naturally cleanses our teeth. Juice is ok for kids occasionally (in our house it’s a rare and special treat), but drank often juice or sugary drinks are a danger for teeth. One of the biggest culprits dental professionals see in childhood caries, AKA kid cavities, is regular juice consumption. Trust this mama, if the only option is water, your kiddos will drink it!

Eat Healthy.

Surprise! Healthy foods are not just healthy for our kid’s tummies, but for their teeth as well! Fruits, vegetables, and cheese are all better for our kid’s teeth than goldfish, fruit snacks, cookies, or candy.

Healthy Smile Snack Ideas:

      • Apple Slices and Peanut Butter (or almond or cashew)
      • Cheese Stick
      • Yogurt
      • Crackers and Cheese (If you have your child sit down and eat and finish crackers, it is better than carrying them around for a long period of time and eating them.)
      • Veggies and Dip or Hummus
      • Fruit with Yogurt Dip

Call us today to get your children (and you) in for a dental check up! And leave a comment on our Facebook with your go-to healthy smile snack ideas.