Dental Implants

Dental implants provide the ability to replace a missing tooth with the next best thing. An implant looks and acts like a real tooth in the mouth, which is the reason they are so sought after to replace missing teeth or support dentures. A tooth extraction no longer has to mean a choice between a hole in your smile or dental work that covers the hole without acting like a real tooth. Dr. Smith has the expertise and technology to provide dental implants for our patients, restoring smiles back to health and function.

Wondering if a dental implant is the right treatment option for you? A dental implant has many benefits beyond aesthetics that make it a great option for many: Implants Provide Bone Loss Protection

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a dental implant is the improvement it adds to the health of the whole mouth. The alveolar bone (bone surrounding and holding in teeth) stays at healthy levels only when it is in use. The bone needs the force of impact from biting to be maintained. When a tooth is extracted, the alveolar bone left no longer has the force of biting on a tooth there, and will eventually resorb.

A dental implant is placed in the jaw with a small titanium rod that acts the same as a tooth root. The alveolar bone grows around the rod, and has the benefit of biting impact from the dental implant being used in eating as a normal tooth. Not only does the alveolar bone surrounding the implant stay at healthy levels, it keeps the bone at healthy levels for the teeth surrounding it. Home Care Is Very Similar

One question many patients ask is “will my dental implant be hard to care for?” The short answer is no: home care for a dental implant really isn’t all that different. Brushing is done the same around an implant, although a soft bristled toothbrush and low-abrasive toothpaste are musts. Avoid toothpastes with the active ingredients of stannous or sodium fluoride, baking soda, or with the label “Stain Remover”.

When flossing around an implant, instead of flossing one side at a time like a normal tooth, the floss is wrapped around the implant and crossed in front, flossing with a shoe-shine type movement to clean 360 degrees around the base of the implant. As with any other patient, your Spokane Dental team will work with you to recommend the best possible homecare for the optimal health of your implant. Dental Implants are Versatile

Dental implants can be used to support a bridge, hold dentures, or replace individual teeth. They can be used in various locations in the mouth, and provide the look of “real teeth” more than any other option.

Dr. Smith has the expertise to restore your smile with dental implants, and improve your quality of life. At Spokane Dental we have the state of the art technology to diagnose and place quality dental implants that will not only look great but feel amazing as well. Get the best possible solution to your missing tooth or other dental problems at Spokane Dental! Call us today at (509)822-5614 to schedule an appointment.