Pediatric Dentistry

Spokane Dental cares about you and your family. We know how overwhelming it can feel at times when you’re trying to find a qualified dentist to care for your children’s teeth. So today, we wanted to help you with this by sharing essential tips on how to find a good dentist for your kids.

Below, you will find helpful advice that makes it easier to choose an experienced and trusted dentist. After reading, we encourage you to give us a call if your child or children need dental care. At Spokane Dental, we pride ourselves on our excellent, kid-friendly dental care.

Getting Started

Whether you are a new parent or a seasoned professional, you want to take care of your child’s health. Just like sending your child to a pediatrician who specializes in pediatrics, you should also send them to a qualified pediatric dentist for oral care.

Visiting the dentist in your child’s first year of life may appear early, but this is a crucial time as your child’s teeth become visible. You can get off to a good start by seeing a pediatric dentist who can examine the health of your child’s first teeth.

How Is the Environment?

Many people are afraid to go to the dentist – even adults. As such, it’s the dentist’s main job to make sure that going to the children’s dentist is not a scary experience. You want a dentist that designs their offices as happy and joyful places, both for the physical and psychological needs of children.

You want to find an environment that puts a smile on your child’s face and exudes a friendly tone. But it’s not just the building or the décor you want to consider. The people there should be fun and welcoming, as well.

At Spokane Dental, we believe that the workplace should be fun, especially for our child patients. We use positive language, even when things might feel awkward. This helps children have a positive experience. We use words that are easy for kids – not terms that might elicit fear.

Our goal is to build trust and establish communication with every child. After all, we want your child to feel comfortable with their dental visit.

Prevention Is Key

Active is better than passive, and proactive is better than reactive. Children’s dentistry is no exception. By the time your little one has a cavity, pain is likely to follow. Since children are more prone to tooth decay than adults, you should see a dentist early in your child’s life. With a preventive approach to dentistry, we have a better chance of catching problems before they arise.

At Spokane Dental, we provide a variety of treatments that help prevent tooth decay in children. An example is dental sealants, which form a protective layer on the enamel of each tooth. Baby teeth have tiny grooves, so even if your child brushes his teeth often, it is almost impossible to keep them clean. Dental sealants help protect these grooves and prevent tooth decay.

Another prevention method is fluoride treatment. Fluoride makes teeth more resistant to decay and can even repair tiny decayed areas before small cavities become large cavities. We first check the amount of fluoride that your child has absorbed through tap water or toothpaste and recommend fluoride supplements if necessary.

In fact, dental sealants and fluoride treatment can prevent up to 95% of decay and provide your child with a healthy smile. As stated, prevention is essential to the health of your child’s teeth. The dental care they get early on ensures a healthy and happy smile later in their life.

We make sure that your child receives exceptional dental care all throughout their time with us. In doing so, they are far less likely to experience dental concerns growing up.

We Treat You Like Family

It is essential to build a relationship with a pediatric dentist based on trust. Your child’s oral health is very important to us, and you need to know that they are receiving excellent dental care. Our mission is to be a group of dedicated professionals who work hard to build lasting relationships in our community and with every patient.

This means when you visit Spokane Dental, you can look forward to being treated like family. We treat others the way we want to be treated and provide personalized care to meet your child’s specific needs.

We adhere to the highest standards of integrity and strive to be completely honest and transparent in your child’s evaluations and treatments. Of course, we like to create a fun visit experience for you and your children.

The first time a child sees a dentist, it should be an enlightening consultation. For you and your child, this is an opportunity to learn about your pediatric dentist. This will give you the opportunity to observe the environment to determine if it feels safe and welcoming?

What’s more, does your child look comfortable around the pediatric dentist? Does the pediatric dentist seem capable of meeting your child’s unique needs? You will be able to learn these things from only a few minutes at Spokane Dental. We strive to provide a wonderful setting for you and your family.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to ask. We welcome your inquiries and want you to be well-informed going in. We take the time to address your concerns and are happy to provide any information that meets your needs.

Your Child Is in Great Hands at Spokane Dental

We know how challenging it can be trying to find the right dentist for your little ones. That’s why we make it a point to go above and beyond to assist you. If you are ready to schedule a consultation with our team, don’t delay in calling our office.

A member of our friendly staff will be happy to arrange an appointment for your child to meet our team and go over any questions.