Top Foods for Dental Health - LGThe majority of us adore summer with its long and hot days. This is the time that BBQ and party season kicks off. Even the healthiest eater may be enticed by unhealthy foods such as processed meats (e.g. hot dogs), carbohydrates (for instance potato chips) and calorie deficient soda.

Maintaining your normal eating habits can be somewhat tricky. Changes in your eating habits can affect your weight and your oral health – which is one risk that may be easily overlooked. To avoid unnecessary visits to your periodontist, you need to know which foods are teeth-friendly and which ones to keep off. Another important factor is if you are going through any medical or dental treatments like braces. An Everett orthodontist adds that while going through orthodontic treatment you should avoid food that could break your brackets or wires. Such as really hard foods like nuts or apples and sticky food like caramel.

Summer ushers in a new season of bumper fruits, vegetables plus other foods. Here are some of the top summer foods that promote dental health:

Leafy Greens

Butter lettuce is a popular leafy green in summer. It contains Vitamin A, which is important in the formation of tooth enamel. In addition, it has a small calcium content that helps to strengthen your bones and teeth.

Celery plus other fresh and raw veggies need a lot of chewing – which creates saliva. The saliva is helpful in cleaning teeth and breaking down food. Raw vegetables contain fibers that naturally scrub your teeth as well.


Although the majority of apples are harvested in the fall, there are a handful of varieties that ripen in summer. Eating an apple encourages the flow of saliva which works towards washing away food particles as well as bacteria. Since they contain a lot of water, apples help in diluting their sugar content. Also, their tougher texture is great at stimulating your gums.


Cherries red color is derived from a compound known as anthocyanin which has the ability to lessen pain, and minimize inflammation, which is a top symptom of gingivitis (gum disease). In addition, it can decrease diabetes and heart ailment, both of which are related to periodontal disease. It contains large amounts of Vitamin A which boosts normal cell growth, and vitamins C, E, iron, magnesium, potassium, folate, as well as fiber.


Ripe, red and juicy berries are the ideal snack food for those who are addicted to sugar since they taste better than any candy. They can be enjoyed without any risks and the best thing about them is that they contain vitamins plus minerals that the body needs for energy.

A cup of strawberries is loaded with an assortment of nutrients including calcium, folate, magnesium, potassium and more than 100mg of Vitamin C.


This typical summer fruit contains fluoride, a mineral that is crucial for dental health. It is helpful in re-mineralizing and rebuilding enamel, while at the same time strengthening your current enamel - which in the long run helps to prevent formation of cavities. Also, peaches are rich in Vitamin C, which help to reduce inflammation, and contain calcium, which help strengthen bones and teeth.


The majority of people don’t know that broccoli is actually 20% protein and does not contain any fat. It is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin K boost enhance healing as well as repair of gums.


Just like fruits and vegetables, there are seasonal cheeses also. Sheep and goats are known to produce milk during spring time and summertime, which makes these cheeses the freshest summer picks.

They contain protein and calcium which are helpful in strengthening your bones as well as teeth. Chewing cheese is also believed to stimulate the production of saliva, which washes away food particles as well as bacteria inside your mouth.

Meats and Fish

One of the great summer activities is firing up the grill – which is a wonderful act for your dental health. Actually, meats contain a lot of protein and phosphorous which is helpful in strengthening your teeth and jaw. However, you should ensure that you pick lean meats such as chicken and turkey as these will help you make the most of your summer cookout’s health benefits.

Fatty fish such as salmon and trout are great. They contain Omega-3 fatty acids which, according to research, have been found to reduce the hazard of developing gum illness.

Continued Good Dental Health Habits

Having a good healthy diet is vital to your overall dental health, but you cannot forget to continue to practice good preventative dental habits such as brushing, flossing, and using mooth wash on a daily basis. As well as, regular visits to your local dentist (Spokane Dental)!

You and your teeth are our top priority. Please come by and see us here in Spokane WA, so that we can help you on your quest for healthy and happy teeth!