Teeth Whitening

Are you interested in whitening your teeth but don’t know where to start? Your Spokane Dental team can help! With a consultation, we can help our clients whiten at home with professional grade whitening treatment and custom fit whitening trays. There are many benefits to whiten teeth with us instead of using Over The Counter Products, ranging from the obvious fact that professional grade whitening is more potent to the more subtle benefit of sensitivity management. Here’s what to expect when whitening your teeth with Spokane Dental:

Set Up For Success

It is imperative to make sure that your smile is healthy before you take steps to make it whiter. Whitening teeth with unresolved dental problems is like getting a paint job on a car knowing that the hood is rusty and the doors need to be replaced. Dr. Smith performs thorough exams, and can help each patient make a treatment plan to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted. Things like cavities or more extensive work like implants, crowns, or bridges can all be included in the treatment plan and taken care of at Spokane Dental. We can ensure you are set up for successful tooth whitening that doesn’t waste time or money.

Result Management

Another huge benefit that you can expect from whitening with us is result management. We make custom trays that fit each mouth specifically, and the professional grade whitening is used in these custom trays. There is a big difference between using custom trays and a product like white strips, or even an ill-fitting tray. Our custom trays ensure that the product stays where it needs to be and keeps the gums and soft tissue safe from the whitening gel. With the help of your Spokane Dental team, patients that whiten at home get the results they want faster and safer.

Follow Up Care

Often times a side effect people experience with tooth whitening is sensitivity. The professional grade whitening gel that we give to our patients is formulated with anti-sensitivity ingredients to protect teeth from sensitivity. Our hygienists or Dr. Smith can also go over recommendations to prevent or help tooth sensitivity using over the counter products. We also can address any questions or concerns at a patient’s next appointment, making sure that the patient’s smile is healthy and they got the results desired.

The health and safety of our patients is our highest priority, and we are proud to be able to address any dental needs for the whole family. To schedule an appointment or ask a question of our friendly office staff, give us a call at (509)822-5614.