Welcome back from your Spokane Dental team! Today we're chatting about the often overlooked yet indispensable members of our dental team – dental hygienists. We have an amazing group of hygienists that care for our patients and support Dr. Smith, but many patients don’t really know what they do. Let's explore the vital role our dental hygienists play in safeguarding your oral health:

At first glance, dental hygienists may seem to have the sole role of “cleaning” teeth. However, their responsibilities extend far beyond that initial impression. These skilled professionals are trained to meticulously assess and maintain your oral health, acting as vital allies in your pursuit of a healthy smile.


One of the primary functions of dental hygienists is preventive care. This means their focus is on looking for warning signs of disease and intervening early. Through comprehensive examinations, hygienists identify early signs of dental issues such as periodontal disease, oral cancer, and cavities. Their keen eye for detail allows them to detect and chart subtle indicators of potential problems. Early intervention always means better outcomes!


On that note, dental hygienists are skilled at performing dental prophylaxis, commonly known as teeth cleaning. Prophylaxis literally means to prevent disease, which is what the dental cleaning is all about! This procedure involves the thorough removal of plaque and calculus buildup, both of which are caused by disease causing bacteria forming colonies on the teeth and wreaking havoc on the tissue surrounding it. By meticulously cleaning your teeth, hygienists help prevent the onset of periodontal (gums and bone surrounding the teeth) disease and maintain optimal oral hygiene.


In addition to their hands-on clinical duties, dental hygienists serve as educators and advocates for oral health. They take the time to educate our Spokane Dental patients on proper oral hygiene practices, including brushing and flossing techniques tailored to individual needs. By empowering patients with knowledge and guidance, hygienists play a crucial role in fostering long-term oral health habits.


Furthermore, dental hygienists maintain the important role of taking dental X-rays, an essential diagnostic tool for Dr. Smith. These images provide valuable insights into the internal structures of the mouth, allowing for the early detection of issues such as cavities, periodontal disease, abscesses, and other conditions. Hygienists ensure the safe and accurate capture of X-ray images, contributing to the overall treatment planning for each patient.

In conclusion, dental hygienists are indispensable members of our dental team, playing a multifaceted role in helping our patients achieve their healthiest smile. From preventive care and patient education to clinical diagnostics and compassionate care, our Spokane Dental Hygienists’ contributions are invaluable. The next time you visit our clinic, take a moment to appreciate the dedication and expertise of your dental hygienist – they're more than just teeth cleaners; they're partners in your journey towards a healthy smile.