There is a new buzzword in dentistry we all would do well to pay attention to: hydroxyapatite. Some even say it will beat out fluoride for the most important active ingredient in the dental industry. New toothpastes are hitting the shelves boasting more cavity fighting powers with this new ingredient, and it begs the question: what is hydroxyapatite?

What Is Hydroxyapatite?

Hydroxyapatite may be a mouthful to say, but many don’t realize it is a form of calcium already present in your mouth. It is a naturally occurring component of our teeth and bones. Enamel, or the outer layer of the teeth, is the most mineralized (and hard) tissue in our bodies. Hydroxyapatite is responsible for this strength, along with the bright white color of enamel (Ann, 2014).

Hydroxyapatite may seem like the “next big thing” in dentistry, but it has actually been used for years. In fact, NASA utilized hydroxyapatite to help astronauts remineralize their teeth after retiring from space as early as the 1970’s (Ann, 2014). So not only will your hydroxyapatite toothpaste be on the cusp of new product creation, but you could essentially be using astronaut toothpaste!

How Does it Work?

Hydroxyapatite works in multiple ways to help protect teeth from cavities and strengthen enamel. One way is its unique ability to actually bind to the bacteria and plaque present in your mouth that is present from eating and day to day bacterial fluctuations. Hydroxyapatite’s binding capability helps keep the teeth cleaner and prevent cavity-causing bacteria from building up. Another way hydroxyapatite helps protect enamel is by actually hardening the existing enamel along with remineralizing compromised areas.

It's no wonder hydroxyapatite is taking the dental industry by storm at the moment. Hydroxyapatite in toothpaste and other dental materials could be revolutionary in the way that we treat cavities and prevent them from happening in the first place.

Is Hydroxyapatite Safe?

As we mentioned, hydroxyapatite is a natural compound found in our bodies’ mineralized tissues. In other words, it is completely safe and non-toxic because it already belongs and is present in our bodies. With the use of hydroxyapatite toothpaste, you just may be surprised to find that your teeth look and feel cleaner than ever before. This is because of hydroxyapatite's unique nature and ability to prevent plaque and bacterial buildup, remove it from the surface of the enamel, and strengthen teeth.

The moral of the story? Hydroxyapatite is an excellent addition to your home care routine.

Not only is hydroxyapatite toothpaste readily available, but dental companies are beginning to make mouth rinse and floss with hydroxyapatite components as well. Incorporating this super ingredient into your home care routine could mean your best dental checkup yet. Speaking of dental checkups, call us today to schedule an appointment with your Spokane Dental team to keep your smile healthy or address any concerns.


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