Dental Hygiene

The foundation of an attractive smile is a set of healthy gums and teeth, which can only be attained by practicing basic oral hygiene. However, failing to maintain good oral health can result in dental issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, and discolored teeth.

You can guarantee that you always maintain a healthy, attractive smile by learning to safeguard and strengthen your teeth. Our Spokane Dentist, Dr. Jonathan Smith, provides advice on how to maintain good oral hygiene and always smile with confidence. The following tips will help you maintain your teeth' attractiveness and dental health.

Tips for Good Dental Hygiene

Good dental hygiene is ultimately more of a process than a result. It necessitates not just forming and upholding healthy routines but also being open to learning new techniques for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Here are some essential tips to remember. Brush several times each day.

The first step in maintaining good oral health is brushing your teeth numerous times daily. By brushing your teeth, you not only prevent dental decay by getting rid of any food debris or other potentially dangerous items, but you also strengthen them by giving them the necessary mineral support. Brush the gums and other tooth-supporting structures in addition to the teeth, as germs can also affect them.

Floss every day.

Every day before brushing, flossing is advised to remove any debris your toothbrush can't remove. Even though many people admit to neglecting it, this step is crucial. If you merely brush and conclude you do not require floss, tiny food fragments and other deposits that the toothbrush misses might eventually cause decay. Make sure you allocate a few minutes daily to flossing as a preventative measure.

When you initially start flossing, you could experience pain in your sensitive gums. This is normal and will disappear if you continue flossing regularly for a few days. When flossing, make sure to move the floss up and down the entire tooth. Don't disregard tiny gaps; these are among the most crucial areas to floss because your toothbrush can't get to them.

Use fluoride-containing dental products.

Moreover, fluoride can strengthen teeth. Choose fluoride-containing toothpaste, such as brands the American Dental Association (ADA) recommended. The closest friend of tooth enamel is fluoride because it protects the enamel from bacterial attack and supports the minerals in the enamel.

Using toothpaste and mouthwash that contains fluoride is the most excellent approach to use daily. To adequately safeguard your teeth if enamel erosion has started, consult a dentist in Spokane about the best fluoride treatment.

Replace your toothbrush frequently.

You must use a toothbrush with the appropriate bristles for comprehensive tooth cleaning. Depending on when the bristles start to wear out, it is ideal for replacing the toothbrush every three to six months. A damaged toothbrush could harm your gums since it won't be able to clean your teeth thoroughly. Also, cleaning the toothbrush before and following each usage is advised for hygiene reasons. To keep your toothbrush in good condition for longer, dry and store it properly. During any illness, the best Spokane dentist advises changing your toothbrush because there is a chance that bacteria will linger on it and then be reintroduced into your body.

Make use of mouthwash.

Mouthwash is another method that can assist in maintaining proper tooth hygiene. Some products don't target the germs that cause gingivitis and bad breath, and not all products work the same way. You should incorporate fluoride mouthwash into your routine. Fluoride-containing mouthwash maintains your teeth healthy and strengthens them as well. Use the mouthwash as directed by the bottle's directions to rinse your mouth. You may maintain consistently fresh breath by using mouthwash regularly.

Regularly visit the dentist.

Plaque, as well as tartar development, are prevented by routine dental appointments, which also check for any early signs of cancer and other dental conditions. The earlier problems are identified, the more proactively they are treated, as with many health-related issues, the better the results.

Your case will determine how frequently you should see the best Spokane dentist, but if you are in good oral health, plan at least two visits for cleaning and examination per year. But, you might need more work if you suffer from gum disease, cavities, or other oral health problems.

Avoid consuming harmful drinks and food.

The leading cause of dental decay is a poor diet, mainly foods heavy in sugar and other harmful carbs. Avoid consuming dangerous foods and beverages like coffee, sweets, and goods with tomatoes as an ingredient in excess if you want to protect your teeth. Since many people find it challenging to give up caffeine or other substances that could damage enamel, extra dental hygiene may keep teeth healthy following intake.

Minimize alcohol and tobacco use.

A severe impact on oral health is one of the numerous harmful effects of alcohol consumption. Alcohol use has been linked to periodontitis development and oral cancer risk. Furthermore, gum disease is strongly linked to smoking and using smokeless tobacco. Since these practices impair immunological function, gingivitis or periodontitis can spread more quickly.

Drink more water.

The healthiest beverage for your entire body, including oral health, is still water. Also, as a general rule, drinking water after every meal is recommended. As a result, some of the detrimental effects of sticky or acidic drinks and food between brushing may be mitigated.


It is simple to forget about dental care. Too frequently, other problems take precedence over your oral health. But delaying oral care is never a good idea. Maintaining good dental health has many advantages besides ensuring a beautiful smile, so it should be a priority in your overall wellness and health strategy.

Throughout this process, you must pay attention to how your mouth and teeth feel, and if you notice something unusual, contact your Spokane dentist, Spokane Dental. Feel free to contact us if something feels off. The sooner you receive the treatment you require, the better.