Spokane Teeth Whitening - LargeTeeth whitening is currently the most popular dental procedure globally. A sparkling smile not only attracts people but also makes positive first impressions. Just as it is common for dental cavities to occur in teeth owing to plaque-forming bacteria always present in the mouth, it is normal for teeth to turn yellowish and not be sparkling white and perfect because of the food and drinks we take. These can discolor and stain the teeth. However, we don’t necessarily have to deprive ourselves as we can continue to eat and drink our favorites and still maintain glistening white teeth.

If you want whiter teeth, there are two options you can choose from. The first one is to have professional teeth whitening (also referred to as in-office, laser, or power whitening), and the second one is do-it-yourself also known as at-home whitening. It is important to know the difference the two will provide. Because as Fine Dentistry of Downtown Orlando said, "Teeth whitening is an excellent way to restore the natural color of your teeth or even make them whiter than your natural color if you would like."

But you may ask: which of the two approaches provides the best results?

Over-the-counter whitening products are mass produced and usually come in one size and strength to be used for all types of teeth. Unfortunately, they rarely fit most of the users because each person’s smile differs in size and shape. When you buy a whitening treatment at the store, you may not choose your proper shade. You will not be able to have control over how much whiter your teeth will become since the treatments usually provide varying results for each user.

These do-it-yourself products are understandably appealing, the inexpensive, convenient whitening they advertise is often elusive though. Most of them take at least 2-4 weeks before there is any difference in the color of the teeth and it is difficult to get even results.

Professional teeth whitening is better than do-it yourself options from local retailers such as Wal-Mart because of the following reasons:


Professional teeth whitening treatments cannot be compared to teeth whitening agents sold over-the-counter and used in trays, whitening strips, and as whitening toothpastes. The former is powerful (hence thorough), since they use highly concentrated solutions. With professional teeth whitening treatment, one treatment is enough to give a patient whiter and brighter teeth than any over-the-counter solution.

Deep Stains

If your teeth have very dark stains, then the usual home treatments kits will barely make a difference since they are not strong enough to deal with serious cases. The dentist will use light and laser teeth whitening methods to whiten your teeth that otherwise would see little to no improvement from cheaper options.

Immediate Results

Professional teeth whitening is both fast and efficient. Other DIY whitening treatments usually don’t show radical results and as such, you may need to use them for several weeks or even months to attain the whiter smile you desire. In-office professional teeth whitening is quick, and normally takes around one hour per visit, with patients often seeing results after the initial treatment, plus results are long-lasting.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Better Application

Many patients who have used DIY whitening products have reported pain as well as a dramatic increase in teeth sensitivity while using them. This can be caused by either hydrogen ions penetrating the teeth’s surface or the whitening agent getting into contact with the gums, tongue or lips because of wrongly sized trays or strips. Dentists have the professional knowledge, skills, as well as equipment to appropriately whiten your teeth and make sure that you have an enjoyable and pain-free experience.

Expert Information

When you opt for professional teeth whitening, you will have the advantage of accessing a teeth whitening professional. An experienced teeth whitening dentist is knowledgeable enough to deal with your unique dental needs. As such, the dentist can determine the best route for you and the type of stains affecting your teeth before planning a teeth whitening treatment. Sometimes the discoloration can be from food and drinks on the surface of your teeth, while other times, you might have inherent stains located inside the teeth. Many of your teeth could be stained because of other more complex issues such as severe tooth decay. In such a case, replacing some teeth or even getting porcelain veneers may be your best option. Because of such dental issues, it is advisable to get a comprehensive examination before you try any do-it-yourself teeth whitening treatment.

Comfortable Treatment

Professional teeth whitening treatment is both safer and more comfortable since the procedure is performed by a qualified expert who monitors the progress at every point. Professional teeth whitening trays are customized for your unique smile. Your dentist will create tailor-made trays based on your teeth’s dental impressions hence this allows for uniform application of the whitening solutions. Also, because of the better fit, your gums and the other parts of your mouth will be well protected thus reducing excess sensitivity or discomfort.

Our expert dental team at Spokane Dental are highly experienced at using ultramodern and safest whitening techniques to help you achieve that sparkling, youthful smile you desire within an incredibly short time. Come in for your professional teeth whitening visit at our Spokane office!

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