Pediatric Dentistry

Dentists that specialize in pediatric dentistry are committed to the dental health of kids from infancy through adolescence. They are equipped with the knowledge and training necessary to look after a child's teeth, gums, as well as mouth as they develop throughout infancy.

During the first six months of life, children start to get their baby teeth. By the time children are 6 or 7 years old their primary set of teeth begin to fall out. These teeth are eventually replaced by permanent teeth. Children who don't receive the necessary dental care might develop oral diseases and decay that could be painful and complicated for the rest of their lives.

What kinds of treatments do pediatric dentists offer?

Our pediatric Spokane dentist offers complete dental treatment, which includes the following:

  • Examinations of the patient’s dental health
  • Early detection, diagnosis, and treatment for teeth straightening and bite correction (orthodontics)
  • Guidelines for nutrition and food with preventive dental care such with cleaning and fluoride treatments
  • Behavior improvements like thumb sucking and pacifier use
  • Pediatric periodontal disease, mucoceles, and ulcer treatment are among the gum diseases and ailments that may be managed
  • Decaying of teeth along with other flaws
  • Diagnosis of oral problems linked to ailments including hay fever, congenital heart defect, diabetes, asthma, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Dental injuries are treated like displaced, fractured, or knocked-out teeth

Why pick a pediatric dentist over a regular dentist?

Certain general Spokane dentists are more at ease than others when it comes to caring for young children and their typical dental needs. However, a general dentist can send a small kid or a youngster with particular needs to a pediatric dentist if they feel uncomfortable treating them.

Like ordinary dentists, pediatric dentists carry out dental operations. However, they can manage a variety of challenging behavioral circumstances because of their specific training. Adults react differently to dental visits than children. A youngster could feel uneasy or afraid in strange places.

When the patient needs extended therapy, this worry may be very acute. The pediatric dentist can frequently offer sedation or general anesthesia when a youngster or patient with impairments needs significant dental care.

Reasons Why Pediatric Dentists Are Necessary

You might be asking why it's important to bring your kid to the pediatric dentist in Spokane. They already have a lovely grin, after all. Pediatric dentistry is crucial for your child's present and future dental health, to put it simply. Here are some reasons why pediatric dentistry is essential:

Creating Good Dental Habits

Getting your child to acquire appropriate oral hygiene practices is one of the most crucial parts of pediatric dentistry. As kids become older, they will be more inclined to see the Spokane dentist if they have been doing so since an early age. Simply because it's already a part of their routine, they will get biannual dental appointments. Additionally, the dentist can advise on effective brushing and flossing methods.

Pediatric dentistry specialists are educated to communicate with youngsters and make them feel at ease. To teach kids how to properly clean and floss their teeth, they can utilize enjoyable tools like games as well as free toothbrushes. This can assist them in realizing that they don't need to battle the urge to brush at home. It also helps if they observe their parents acting in the same way. Children like imitating, so when they see their parents brushing and obtaining dental care, they want to do the same. It is beneficial for you to be able to sit next to your child if they are experiencing dental anxiety. You'll be able to schedule appointments together with the best Spokane dentist who treats patients of various ages so that you may be there to encourage your kids.

Preventing Dental Decay

Cavities in children are becoming increasingly widespread. This is particularly concerning because there is a correlation between early childhood dental decay and later-life gum disease including tooth loss. The importance of prevention cannot be overstated. Visiting the Spokane dentist gives youngsters skills for fighting tooth decay. Developing such oral health care routines is beneficial to both general dental cleanliness and the prevention of dental decay.

Pediatric dentists are also capable of detecting cavities before they become serious. Our dentist at Spokane Dental can see problems that you or your kid may not be aware of using dental x-ray equipment. Cavities frequently do not exhibit symptoms until they are serious and may necessitate a root canal. This would considerably increase your child's pain. It is critical to detect tooth decay early on before it causes irreversible damage to their teeth.

Pediatric dentists also educate families on nutrition. Children's diets are often heavy in sugar, which causes tooth decay. They are less likely to develop dental decay if they eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in added sweets. Changing one's diet may benefit the entire family.

Prevents Childhood Dental Anxiety

Pediatric dentists in Spokane, have specific training that enables them to provide a favorable dentistry experience for children. Pediatric dentists must finish additional child development and special needs programs after graduating from dental school. This enables them to connect with children in a way that they comprehend and respond to. Their kind manner, bright surroundings, and positive mindset toward dentistry can help keep your child's dental phobia at bay.


As you'll see, there are several persuasive reasons in favor of pediatric dentistry. It will not only enhance your child's dental health and stop minor difficulties from becoming serious ones, but it will also instill in them healthy dental habits. Secondly, it will relieve children from the monster referred to as dental anxiety, which many individuals experience.

Similar to the way you take your kid to the physician for an annual physical examination, you should likewise take your child to the pediatric dentist in Spokane twice a year for a semi-annual dental examination as well as teeth cleaning. Contact Spokane Dental today to schedule your child’s exam and meet our caring and experienced dental team!